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As an officer of the Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division of the Geological Society of America (GSA), I wanted to share our recently-published commitment to our members:

GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology recognizes that diversity in the geosciences is a major ongoing problem. To our Black and minority members from every country: You belong here. We hear you. We support you. We have to do better for you and we will. Not just in times of crisis, but always. Not with words, but with actions. The GBGM Division Leaders vow to educate ourselves about issues of racism in science and work to improve inclusion within GBGM. Racism of any kind is not tolerated by GSA and has no place in our division.

The Gold lab stands in solidarity and support for those demanding reform. I am in the process of redeveloping my teaching curriculum with an eye towards the ways colonialism has shaped (and often stymied) biology and geology. I encourage anyone with resources they find useful to reach out.


Dr. Gold is featured in an article on The Atlantic about Trichoplax and the origin of animals. You can read it here.


Congratulations to Hannah for receiving a Durrell Award for her dissertation research!


Everyone in the lab is trying to stay safe while keeping the work going. Jashan and Jacob recently presented at UC Davis’ 31st Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Conference. The downside is that the conference took place digitally, but the upside is that their excellent presentation was recorded! You can watch the video here.


This week we welcome IGG rotation student Ismael Acedo to the lab. He’ll spend the next 10 weeks focusing on jellyfish and computational biology. What could be better?


We’re sorry to see Roxanne go, but thrilled that she is beginning an exciting new postdoc at the California Academy of Sciences. We look forward to lots of continued collaborations and can’t wait to see where her research goes next!


Can scientists reverse aging? Dr. Gold is featured in an interview with friend and collaborator Dr. David Sinclair. Check out the video on Veritasium’s YouTube channel.


Congratulations to Noemie for passing her qualifying exams! No one (except Noemie) was surprised…


Hannah Kempf has officially joined the lab! Co-advised with Dr. Sandy Carlson, Hannah is broadly interested in conservation paleobiology. You can learn more about her background and interests on our personnel page.


The lab is excited to get a visit from National Geographic contributing photographer Anand Varma. You can check out his amazing work here. Keep on the lookout for some exciting jellyfish-related collaborations.

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The Gold lab gratefully acknowledges current and previous funding sources. Please see the CV and Links pages for more information.